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Special Programs

The Meadow Green Personal Responsibility in Daily Effort (PRIDE) program was established at Meadow Green in the late 1990s by then Principal John Laurich to promote positive citizenship on-campus.  Since that, this award winning program has grown and added components and practices to maximize effectiveness, including Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS), character and citizenship education, Peer Assistant Leadership (PALS), social and emotional learning (SEL), restorative practices, an annual Great Kindness Challenge, Pops with the Principal, and Playground PRIDE and Silverspoon programs.
PRIDE - Students earn PRIDE tickets daily as a reinforcement for positive citizenship choices.  Students also earn Citizenship and PRIDE awards monthly.  There is a ticket drawing and students earning recognitions are recognized at monthly PRIDE assemblies.  There is also a weekly drawing on Fridays for Pops with the Principal.  Students also earn charms and shirts for earning PRIDE tickets.
PBIS - Meadow Green partnered with the Orange County Department of Education to establish a PBIS program and system at Meadow Green.  PBIS is a research-proven program designed to promote positive citizenship and behavior on school campuses.  The Meadow Greeen PBIS program was recognized in 2020 by the California PBIS Coalition.
Character Education - Meadow Green classrooms follow the LJSD character education program and target and emphasize the LJSD character education trait of the month by embedding lessons into daily instruction.
PALs - Meadow Green partnered with the Orange County Department of Education to establish a student leadership program through the research-based PALS curriculum.  Students in grades 4 - 6 are able to apply for the program.  PAL students are provided leadership and community service opportunities throughout the school year and meet regularly with faculty leadership advisors.
SEL - Morning messages are held in each classroom to assist with establishing a positive start to each school day.  SEL lessons are also embedded daily, both the formal lessons, as well as "teachable moments."  Some Meadow Green teachers have also completeled Responsive Classroom training, which assists teachers with embedding SEL throughout the day through a rigorous training process.
Restorative Proactices - OCDE has trained Meadow Green upper grade staff in restorative practices, which is a tool used with typical consequences to assist administration and staff with responding to disciplinary incidents to promote understanding, empathy, and learning from/preventing future incidences.
Great Kindness Challenge - Meadow Green participates in this event yearly to establish our commitment to kindness by encouraging students to complete various acts of kindness and kindness activities throughout the week.
Playground PRIDE and Silver Spoon - Meadow Green classrooms and grade levels earn points from Noon-Duty Supervisors for positive citizenship at the lunch tables and on the playgrounds.  The top performing classes and grade levels earn monthly recognitions.